In 2011, improving visibility was one of the top projects undertaken by logistics companies. In short, logistics visibility is the development and method in which clients can be a viewer to the whole system. They become a spectator, and in a way, an overseer to each 3PL service. Clients want to understand how their product is doing at all stages of service. It is not because clients want to have full control or are obsessive over their inventory, but rather that a service that becomes transparent allows flexibility and adaptation. Below we will talk about why visibility is important and its benefits.

In 2000, the big boom of logistics began to occur. Technology was blossoming and service was quickly speeding up. Clients had shorter timelines and more on the line with their products. Demand in commerce meant more demand from their service providers, with service providers being logistics companies. Prior to this big explosion of commerce, technology service, especially within logistics, was kept secretive. Companies had to invest trust into their provider in order to participate. On the other hand, that meant the 3PL service had to always deliver and always voice back to the client that “Everything is going great.” But what if it wasn’t? What if their product was mislabeled or they actually needed two hundred shipped instead of fifty? This is when visibility becomes crucial. Having the technology that allows clients to see their product’s progress at all stages gives them the reassurance that everything is okay, and if it isn’t, it is fixed immediately.

The benefits of visibility are simple. It creates reliability, trust, and promotes efficiency. More importantly, it helps meet the high demand within logistics. Prior to having this technology, problems were found often too late. But now, with technology like real-time barcode scanning and web portals to access their products information, problems show themselves right as they happen. It is important for logistic services to adopt visibility within their company because it shows compassion to their clients. An understanding that tells clients, “We know what it’s like, so we want you to be a part of it.”

At Draco, we love that our clients become a part of the process, and we thrive on it. It pushes us to work harder and builds our client relationships stronger. Contact us and learn more about our supply chain management solutions and 3PL services. We can walk you through our technology systems and show you how we can work together, with a transparent process, every step of the way.