Some say music is the harmony of the soul. At Draco we empower our clients to get instruments to musicians and distributors all across the country. The musical instrument industry is more complex that people realize. Driven by quality craftsmanship, unique serialization and strict handling requirements, Draco Logistics has once again transformed and adapted to the ever-demanding musical instrument industry. If anyone knows a musician you know that they are very special, talented people with very high expectations of the instruments they play and invest their hard-earned money in. On any given day Draco is handling over 10,000,000 dollars of musical instrument inventory.

Our Warehousing, Distribution, and Fulfillment Services for Musical Instrument Manufacturers include:

  • Serial and manufacturing date tracking
  • Re-packaging per retailer requirements
  • E-Commerce distribution
  • Quality control driven processes
  • Inspection services
  • Musician gig bag kits
  • Marketing products and apparel distribution
  • Distribution to Guitar Center and Sweetwater