The Health and Beauty industry continues to transform. New products and companies launch every day offering a wide variety of products for the consumer. Fourteen years ago Draco was formed to service one cosmetic company that gave us a chance to show them what we could do. As a new business, the risk the company took on Draco was high but 14 years later we are still here and the Health and Beauty industry is still a strong part of our foundation. The Health and Beauty industry is constantly changing. Fresh and vibrant marketing experts find creative ways to sell products. Draco has learned to adapt to this industry and offer just in time co-packing services and distribution to several large MLM and retail cosmetics companies in the United States.

Our Warehousing, Distribution, and Fulfillment Services for the Health & Beauty Products Industry include:

  • Gift Sets Co-Packing / Contract Packaging Services
  • Promotional Sets (cosmetics)
  • Beauty Consultant Product Sets
  • Literature and order forms distribution
  • 2 pack bundling
  • B2C order fulfillment
  • Repackaging and re-distribution
  • Marketing products

At Draco we package over 250,000 kits a month for the Health and Beauty industry and continue to distribute cosmetics to keep America beautiful and healthy.