3PL or third party logistics is often a mysterious field and service for new companies and entrepreneurs. Here at Draco, we want to share the knowledge and amazing benefits that having a warehousing and logistics service can give to your business. This article will focus on ten reasons why our warehousing services can allow you to let go of the “logistics” of your company and refocus on what you do best.

1. Reliable Transportation

Our company has a highly efficient and affordable transportation service through our network of resources that ensures your products arrive on time and to their desired location.

2. Accurate Distribution

We use state of the art technology and communication that can allow your product to distribute accurately both on time and in the right amount to your retailers.

3. Release In-House Burdens

No longer will your company have to worry about hiring employees to handle the holiday season rush or fulfill your orders. This will give back crucial time to your company by taking away the hiring process for your warehouse stock.

4. Security

Our facility is very secure and insured which ensures the safety of your product. We also hire reputable employees that are trustworthy and take pride in their job.

5. Invisible Helping Hand

Our services will remain invisible to your customers; yet will still help you achieve your storage, fulfillment and distribution goals.

6. Reduce Overhead

As said before, by hiring a 3PL service, your overhead costs of maintaining a personal warehouse and staff will be eliminated.

7. Flexible Rates

In owning your own warehouse with its own staff, if business is slow, the pay remains the same. At Draco, we use flexible rates.

8. Better Customer Service

Having more resources and time on your hands will allow you to focus on your customers and providing them quality products and communication. We also will meet your customer’s needs keeping them satisfied.

9. Technology

It can get very expensive to keep up with warehousing technology and keeping up with larger retailers and companies. We constantly update and train on new technologies relieving the time and financial burden of doing it on your own.

10. Expertise

We are experts in warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, and logistics. We understand that our clients are experts in their industries as well, and that is where we believe a company’s focus should be. There will no longer be a worry about whether your warehousing staff is meeting your needs because this is our expertise, and we will ensure your warehouse success.

At the end of the business day, it is important to reflect and understand your company goals and what you want to achieve. At Draco, we want more than anything for our clients to succeed because it ensures that our business will stay alive. Working with us is a collaborative relationship, and together we can make sure each of these benefits will occur within your business.