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Reverse Supply Chain Services Saves Holiday PO


Propane Fire Pit Manufacturer


DC's Across the United States
Product rework done in Indianapolis warehouse


Product recall, restore, and return to DCs before the holiday selling season.

Draco's customer-first attitude allows for quick response for reverse logistics to recall product, use warehouse spaces to refurbish units, and distribute fixed product in 30 days.

The Challenge:

A fire pit's heat shield failed in the field and a large retailer initiated the recall.

The Solution:

  • Transporting the Recalled Product - Draco arranged the transportation and return collection from several DCs.
  • Warehouse Space - Reworked 100,000 firepits for the client.
  • Distribution to End Customer

The Results:

  • Refurbished product was retreived and re-distributed to distribution centers
  • Saved the company thousands of dollars and their holiday PO

Unique Logistics or Packing Requirements?

Let Draco Help. We develop custom solutions to get your products to your customers on-time every time!

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