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Develop an Execute a Product Recall Plan


Backup Battery Manufacturer


From Midwest to West Coast (Customers from Ohio to California)
Rework done at Indianapolis warehouse / fulfillment center


Product recall, restore and assembly, and return to customer in less than 30 days.

Draco's customer-first attitude allows for quick response for reverse logistics to recall product, use warehouse space for repairs, and distribute fixed product in 30 days.

The Challenge:

Firm ware was bad on over 750K backup batteries that needed to be recalled. The manufacturer was in jeopardy of losing its biggest client.

The Solution:

  • Collection & retrieval of recalled battery units - from over 15 distribution centers
  • Warehouse space - With the company's engineers, Draco provided space, labor and resources to install new firmware into the BBU’s and get them back to market.
  • Distribution to end customer

The Results:

  • Restored product was retreived and re-distributed to be back on the market in 30 days
  • Saved the company millions of dollars
  • Preserved the customer's relationship with their largest client

Unique Logistics or Packing Requirements?

Let Draco Help. We develop custom solutions to get your products to your customers on-time every time!

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