Draco  3PL Packaging | Fulfillment | Distribution | Indianapolis

If you have space constraints, we can help.

Draco’s secure facilities offer several storage options. Our facilities are equipped with racked or bulk storage. Draco’s inventory management system reduces errors and increases shipping times to lower cost for our clients benefit.

Our warehousing solutions allow clients the flexibility of converting many of their fixed costs to variable costs. As the need for more space increases or decreases, Draco’s warehousing solutions can be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate these situations. Outsourcing your warehousing can turn many of your distribution challenges into advantages for your company.

Our warehousing services include:

  • Rack Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Shelf Storage
  • Oversize Pallets
  • Case Storage
  • RF Barcoding

Gain total visibility in your supply chain with inventory management.

Draco manages products for several remote clients in the Midwest and East coast. Our systems become an extension of our clients and allow them total visibility of their products through the supply chain. Draco stories a wide range of commodities that require specific tracking and specialized distribution services. Our manufacturing clients rely on our accuracy and just-in-time services to assure no interruptions are in the manufacturing lines.

Our inventory management services include:

  • Lot number and Exp tracking
  • Batch and Serial tracking