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Hiring a logistics company is vital to helping your business achieve its goals. If your company is working with couriers and carriers, you need to be sure your products are packaged and prepared in a timely, efficient and safe manner that can reduce overhead costs.

What is logistics and what can it do for your business? Logistics, in short, is making sure things get exactly where they need to be when they need to be there. By allowing Draco to take over your logistics, you are utilizing a powerful tool that can save your business time and money. By turning over non-core functions to external 3PL companies, it enables your business to leverage your resources, spread risks and concentrate on issues that are critical to your survival and growth. It also allows you to decrease the number of warehouses, vehicles and excess inventory to reduce shrinkage, labor costs and overall operating costs.

Value-Added Services. Draco has additional value added services that can enhance your logistics experience such as pick and pack, marking, tagging, labeling, product returns, reverse distribution, packaging and repackaging, kitting and shrink wrapping.

Why Draco? When you work with Draco, you are working with a team of people who are committed to helping you achieve your business goals. Our dedication to teamwork, customer satisfaction, technological advances and strategic innovation has allowed us to grow our client database by adding Fortune 500 companies and small enterprises to our portfolio. Our facilities are also geared and ready to handle high volume projects with quick turnaround times.

Draco can also help you reduce costs while maintaining quality, assist in increasing sales by keeping your products on shelves, and reducing transit and processing costs through our preferred partners. Call us today and schedule an appointment to see how we can help you with your next project.

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