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POP and Display Retail Ready (RRP) Service at Draco

Retail Ready Service (RRP) at Draco

We can help get your product to market assembled, filled and ready for customers!

At Draco, we have the ability to assemble your floor displays, load them with product and have them staged for pickup as a finished product…ready for customers. Once delivered, all you need to do is move them on to the sales floor.

Contact us now to so we can help get your products to market in time for the Holiday Season!


Draco 3PL Packaging Fulfillment Warehousing and Distribution

Packaging Fulfillment Warehousing and Distribution at Draco 3PL

Draco 3PL Packaging Fulfillment Warehousing and Fulfillment

Draco 3PL Indianapolis

Draco 3PL | Packaging Fulfillment Warehousing Distribution

Take a look at the new Draco 3PL…same reliable Draco, just a new look!

Draco welcomes all the participants and fans of the Indy 500 to Indianapolis

Draco 3PL welcomes the Verizon Indy car series to Indianapolis

The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s most famous and prestigious auto race. It has taken place annually since 1911 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway except for 1917-18 and 1942-45 during America’s participation in world wars.

“The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” covers 500 miles, 200 laps on the famous 2.5-mile oval. It currently is the marquee race on the schedule for the Verizon IndyCar Series, the premiere open-wheel racing series in North America.

The “500” is the world’s largest single-day spectator sporting event.

– Indy500.com

Contract Packaging in the Midwest

Draco 3PL can help reduce costs for our clients by offering product packaging here in our 100,000 square foot facilities. Integration of warehousing, packaging, pick and pack, order fulfillment and distribution within one facility provides several key benefits:

1) Overall cost reductions
2) Fewer touches by vendors
3) Lowering Freight costs
4) One vendor, One contact

Hand Assembly and Packaging at Draco 3PL Inidanapolis

Hand Assembly and Packaging at Draco 3PL Inidanapolis

Draco 3PL Packaging Fulfillment Warehousing and Distribution

Packaging Fulfillment Warehousing and Distribution at Draco 3PL

E-commerce pick/pack and distribution in Indianapolis, Indiana

Draco LLC, located in Indianapolis, Indiana offers efficient automated and manual E- Commerce pick and pack service as well as fulfillment and distribution for our clients that specialize in E – Commerce sales.

Our multiple checkpoint process ensures that products are picked efficiently and correctly before being distributed worldwide.

E- Commerce pick and pack and distribution service

E- Commerce pick and pack and distribution service

Packaging, POP display assembly and Fulfillment

Club Store Displays, Packaging and Fulfillment

Club store displays, half pallet displays, pop displays, counter trays and gravity fed displays are only a few of the types of displays we can assemble and fulfill!

Once assembled, we can preload the displays with merchandise, palletize and stage them for shipment.


Draco is a your one stop source that offers total solutions for packaging, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution. Whether you need one or all of our services, Draco can help reduce your overhead and provide a complete outsourced solution.

Survive a Product Recall through Crisis Management

We’ve all been in a store or have seen news stories on when a major product recall is being announced. Imagine you are a company that has to relocate and obtain hundreds to thousands to millions of products, all the while trying not to plummet your profits or ruin your business’s reputation. Sound like a nightmare? It is. Sadly, for many companies this horror comes true, and often enough many companies struggle to find a way to survive and make it out of the business still alive.

Fortunately, there is a way to manage and survive a product recall.

Through crisis management, a strategy can be developed, tested, and implemented when needed, to help handle the logistical web of relocation, obtainment, and fixing of the product during a recall. The best part is, there isn’t an immediate need to call up and hire a full PR or HR staff. Instead, you can look towards a 3PL provider to help you get started. Often enough, they will have the technology, resources and experience to help your company through a crisis.

Like eating healthy and going to the doctor, the best way to prepare for the product recall is to simply prepare. Do your research and find a 3PL provider that can help you develop a strategy that can be implemented in the blink of an eye in case of a major crisis. Test and tweak it until you, the 3PL staff, and your employees feel comfortable if such a recall would to occur. Finally, look into investing in recall insurance. Like home and auto, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Recall insurance can potentially cover the large costs of 3PL, customer notification, shipping and the disposal of the damaged goods.

Having a tested and strong crisis management plan can be an opportunity. It could strengthen communication within your company culture, your 3PL provider and give you ease of mind knowing your company is ready for the worst-case scenario.

Overall, a 3PL service can help in receiving, shipping, and even fixing a recalled product with little to zero business interruption. All it needs is a collaborative effort from both parties to help build a strategy best for your company. As we all know, you never know what could happen tomorrow, and the best way to be prepared is to be ready for it­­––today.

Five Ways to Impact Your E-Commerce Sales

1. Know and think like your audience & customer

Each and every business, even online, has a key following of customers. Like all business models it is critical to know who those customers are, what they want and of course what they don’t. One of the many ways to do this is to conduct research. Put out a survey on your social media sites. If you don’t use social media, sign up now. Social media is the best and easiest way to directly access your customer base. When seeking information, be sure to remember to think like they do. Morph and construct how your business speaks, sells, and looks like to their desires and needs. Very successful companies tailor their business to their customers.

2. Keep it simple and focus

Sometimes when businesses develop an online presence, the assumption is to sell a variety of products that appeal to a variety of consumers. However, when you really are trying to grow a business, you have to focus. You need to know what products are your specialty or sell the best early in the process and put that product(s) on a high pedestal. Of course, you can still sell all types of objects, but often enough when consumers think of a business they think about one or a few main items they sell or are known for.

3. Time is money and customer happiness

One of the hardest things to capture is someone’s time and money. Customers are constantly seeking faster and cheaper ways to access their goods. Now, for most businesses it is really hard to lower prices enough to compete with major corporations, but what you can provide is great customer service and delivery speed. Using a third party logistics company can provide an online business with a way to ensure precision in fulfilling a customer’s order and shipping it out with speed. Keeping at least one of these areas in the forefront of your business model can keep your company growing, and more importantly your customers happy and returning.

4. Update and stay relevant

In the past ten years or so, the online world has changed immensely. Websites are in the billions and web design is a growing. It is key to any ecommerce site to always be on new trends in the world of web design and content. Make sure to have a well designed and functional website because for most customers, it is easier to find the product elsewhere rather than trying to understand a poorly designed website. Generate constant content, as well. Put out promotions, start a blog, and engage in social media. These tactics can really change how consumers view your business and will pass on the word to others.

5. Develop partnerships and network

It is a known fact that success often comes from networking and having key partners by your side. This goes for physical companies and the ones that live on the web. Use services and the skills of the people you know. Join a local networking group. Often enough, a referral or a strong partnership can boost your online sales. Engaging with professionals around you can truly boost both credibility and the bottom line.