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Five Ways to Impact Your E-Commerce Sales

browse around this web-site http://neroprints.com/portal/ 1. Know and think like your audience & customer

Each and every business, even online, has a key following of customers. Like all business models it is critical to know who those customers are, what they want and of course what they don’t. One of the many ways to do this is to conduct research. Put out a survey on your social media sites. If you don’t use social media, sign up now. Social media is the best and easiest way to directly access your customer base. When seeking information, be sure to remember to think like they do. Morph and construct how your business speaks, sells, and looks like to their desires and needs. Very successful companies tailor their business to their customers.

2. Keep it simple and focus

Sometimes when businesses develop an online presence, the assumption is to sell a variety of products that appeal to a variety of consumers. However, when you really are trying to grow a business, you have to focus. You need to know what products are your specialty or sell the best early in the process and put that product(s) on a high pedestal. Of course, you can still sell all types of objects, but often enough when consumers think of a business they think about one or a few main items they sell or are known for.

3. Time is money and customer happiness

One of the hardest things to capture is someone’s time and money. Customers are constantly seeking faster and cheaper ways to access their goods. Now, for most businesses it is really hard to lower prices enough to compete with major corporations, but what you can provide is great customer service and delivery speed. Using a third party logistics company can provide an online business with a way to ensure precision in fulfilling a customer’s order and shipping it out with speed. Keeping at least one of these areas in the forefront of your business model can keep your company growing, and more importantly your customers happy and returning.

4. Update and stay relevant

In the past ten years or so, the online world has changed immensely. Websites are in the billions and web design is a growing. It is key to any ecommerce site to always be on new trends in the world of web design and content. Make sure to have a well designed and functional website because for most customers, it is easier to find the product elsewhere rather than trying to understand a poorly designed website. Generate constant content, as well. Put out promotions, start a blog, and engage in social media. These tactics can really change how consumers view your business and will pass on the word to others.

5. Develop partnerships and network

It is a known fact that success often comes from networking and having key partners by your side. This goes for physical companies and the ones that live on the web. Use services and the skills of the people you know. Join a local networking group. Often enough, a referral or a strong partnership can boost your online sales. Engaging with professionals around you can truly boost both credibility and the bottom line.

Five Benefits of Using a Fulfillment Service

As we all know the business world is a hectic place. Clear communication, accuracy, and teamwork are critical aspects of a successful company. However, sometimes there are tasks that need to be done but no one has time or the funds to accomplish them. This is where a fulfillment service can come in handy. Here at Draco, we want alleviate those stresses that block a company’s vision, but at the same time help them accomplish their goals. So why should your business bring aboard a fulfillment service? Let’s find out.

1. Focus On What You Do Best

Every business has a vision and a goal. They have a step-by-step plan of what they hope to achieve. But does that plan include packaging, labeling, shipping, etc.? We’re guessing not. Draco LLC wants your business to have the most optimal time and resources to accomplish your goals, or in other words “let us do the rest”.

2. Time is Money

It’s an age-old phrase, but yet it still holds true. In a competitive marketplace, every penny and minute counts. Hiring employees just for the side work like packaging and shipping is an added cost to the company, which could easily be outsourced to third parties like us. Doing this will eliminate the overhead costs of hiring, training, and developing a whole other side of your company for one task––which means more money and time for you.

3. Variable vs. Fixed Cost

Let’s imagine that your company is a massive e-commerce company selling shoes. At some point, your needs may outgrow your home or office. This means purchasing or leasing a warehouse ––at a fixed cost. Here at Draco, we focus our rates depending on your sales. It’s simple; sell more, pay more and vice versa. This will put less pressure on your company to sell more shoes, faster and quicker to cover your overhead costs. As we all know sometimes our businesses have “bad months or quarters”. Draco accounts for that and thus adjusts your service rate to your selling rate.

4. Customer Service

This benefit is always crucially important for a competitive edge. Often when providing goods, companies have to develop whole areas of employees focusing strictly on customer service. Draco can help you improve your customer service. We can lower shipping costs by applying bulk rates through shipping companies like UPS and FedEx. We can also lower the time it takes for your product to get to your customer. Our warehouses and employees move fast and efficiently, thus quickening the purchasing and shipping cycle. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Seasonal Friendly

Selling and shipping rates vary from season to season. As we all know, the October to January range is quite hectic for most businesses. Most of the yearly profits are made within a four-month period. This obviously puts more stress on the company, which usually includes hiring temps to cover the excess work. However, a fulfillment service can both lower the stress and prevent a major hire each season. We can handle the overload of products and still ship them on time and more importantly on budget.

All in all, a fulfillment service is a great companion to have as a thriving business. At Draco, we want to be your partner that helps in achieving your goals while keeping stress and costs down. We understand what it’s like, and we aspire to work hard just as much as you do, everyday.